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Prepping the Stage for an Unforgettable Event

No matter the scope and nature of your presentation, Brown Audio Visual Services in San Leandro, California, can set the stage for you. Our technical team's stage lighting and audio setup expertise provides you with the following benefits:

- All the equipment is placed properly to ensure maximum visibility for your presentation.

 - Viewing dispersions are optimized while minimizing reflections.

- Compatibility issues, cabling issues, power requirements, and other technical concerns are promptly addressed.

- The design and structure of your venue's stage is enhanced with intelligent lighting systems, which are capable of projecting colorful moving light patterns and logos.

- Audio systems are positioned in such a way that every word of your presentation is heard throughout the venue.

- The intended color, intensity, resolution, and impact of your video presentations are faithfully reproduced.

Highly Skilled Personnel

Brown Audio Visual Services is proud to be represented by the best service professionals in the industry. Each member of our team is well-versed not only in equipment operation, but in troubleshooting techniques as well. Moreover, they are all highly familiar with conference protocols, union regulations, and top customer service standards.

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Early Issues
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Integrated Service Functions

Taking our goal of total customer convenience one step further, we also provide integrated service functions. These include coordination with both local labor and union labor groups to make sure that your event proceeds without a hitch. We also see to it that round-the-clock, on-site customer service is available for the duration of your event.

Post-Show Service

Brown Audio Visual Services is also known for its post-show services. Unlike local and in-house AV vendors, we evaluate the effectiveness of your entire program in terms of equipment, service, delivery, and execution at the conclusion of every show. Additionally, whereas local vendors do not travel with you to your next port-of-call, we are always available for you, whether locally, nationally, or internationally.