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About Brown Audio Visual Services

Brown Audio Visual Services in San Leandro, California, is the complete presentation support company for all your events. We have what it takes to successfully bring your programs to life, no matter how large or how small.

Covering All Bases

Fully equipped to handle all conceivable issues regarding your event, our experienced technical team is trained to cover every aspect. From discussing technical requirements about your venue, to supplying you with a full range of audio visual equipment and personnel, they do everything it takes to make your event proceed exactly as you want it to.


Total Commitment to Service

Brown Audio Visual Services offers all its customers a great combination of product and service reliability. It is our belief that our numerous long-term relationships with various clients are maintained because of our total adherence to customer service. We measure our worth not by the technical advantages of our audio visual products, but by our unending commitment to serve the communication needs of our clients.

Building Trust

The most important factor clients look for in companies like us is trustworthiness. We understand the intricacies and demands of our industry, and our services are tailored to match those demands. Everything we do is in service of our clients, and we do not stop until we gain their complete trust and satisfaction.